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Important Messages

Dear Mayfield Families,

Students will venture into new literary waters this summer, choosing their own books and reading for discovery and pleasure. We invite you and your child to find a favorite summer reading nook: a comfy chair, a shady tree, or sandy beach and enter the enlightening and imaginative world of literature.

Please locate your child's Summer Reading tab at the top of this webpage by their incoming grade level for Fall 2019. Please click on and download their Summer Reading PDF. In each grade-level PDF, you will find recommendations of popular new books. Included are instructions for the Hodgins Library Summer Reading Challenge.

Valuable academic and emotional insight from reading are what students attain as they navigate the world of books in their hearts and minds.
Varied literature adds depth and structure to their writing; makes their discussions meaningful; enhances their critical thinking; strengthens creative problem solving; progresses their ability to grapple with complex issues, and expands personal awareness and empathy.

It is the power of written words that enable us to embark on a reading journey in our world and beyond, and we hope your family will enjoy a summer journey of literature.

Welcome to Summer Reading 2019!

Tatiana Guyer & Beth Stavros